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Geisha - The Delirium Introduction - Full Length Album- The Beauty Of Melody
A few months ago we had the opportunity to introduce you to Geisha with the "Pegasus Tornado" EP. We announced that this work was only a brief introduction to their world of sound. Now we bring you a full album,"The Delirium Introduction", 11 tracks that introduce us to a delirious parallel universe, a magical and organic musical world beyond compare, an album full of melody and harmony, ranging from organic sounds to some of the most psychedelic and experimental electronica being created today.
Release Date: 27.11.2015
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Out Now! Lo Five - Ridin' On Air - The Beauty Of Melody

We are proud to present the third publication on The Beauty of Melody, this time by UK Based artist Lo Five. Ridin' on Air EP is the perfect following in our line after Pegasus Tornado and gives a great introduction of what lies ahead in our fourth publication.

Release Date: 23.10.2015
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Close Records First Release On The Way

The first release on Close Records is on the backburner and will arrive shortly. We have chosen Tino Kluge from Black Forest Germany to lead the way of our label. Tino is a real Techno producer, and a trustworthy German techno agent. However, this EP delivers a special, melodic, kind & sentimental part of his style, making the Katalunia EP a fine example of what we call the closest point between melodic emotional music and techno.

More info Here.

Out Now! Geisha - Pegasus Tornado EP The Beauty of Melody

Long waited second release of The Beauty of Melody is now available. After a long wait and a bunch of demos, we are proud to present Geisha. A wonderful project full of fresh, deep and organic sounds. This EP is only a subtle introduction to Geisha's universe, a full length album is on the way to be released on The Beauty of Melody. Here is a small taste of what is coming "Towards Fulfilling a Prophesy".

Release Date: 21.08.2015
More info Here.

[MFIELD033] Timo Chinala - Staring At Utopia (OUT NOW!)

What an eclectic mix of artistic talent on this EP!
Staring At Utopia featuring remixes from Booiamrudolf (Supported by Paul Oakenfold and staff picks Electronica/Chill Out on Beatport), Nicholas D, Marten Sundberg & Warmth is a fine example exemplifying just how different the interpretations of an artistic work can be... Infinite possibilities but each one have that little something with the original in common... Read more.

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Release Date: 23.07.2015


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